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arties, and other events that your services help shape the evening. Whenever I attend an event I like to have conversations with other providers, which makes it a great chance to meet and network with others in the industry. It allows you to network with other vendors and find opportunities to address the challenges as well.

In an outdoor event 8 years ago, I ran into a gentleman that his event rental company had provided the tent under which the event was being held. After our quick handshake (yes, it was before COVID) and introduction and my admiration of the beautiful tent, I asked about his biggest challenge, expecting that delivery and setup would be named as the biggest challenge. He said that his biggest challenge is that people will come and have an amazing time but none of the guests asks who provided the tent. Puzzled by the answer, I asked for an explanation: “Well, the DJ announces his name throughout the evening, the photographer will have their name marketed on the photographs and also the wedding website. The caterers have their names on their uniforms and leave business cards, but the guests never know who provided the tent or the chairs for the party.”

Marketing and branding services to the attendants have been a challenge for the event rental companies that provide tents and other features at an event. With a feature to allow the attendants to learn about the event rental company that provided the tent, it would allow for the branding of the company. This is a great opportunity for attendants (potential future customers) to see and experience the services provided by the event rental company. 

I asked if they would provide a photobooth (being in that market) and that will allow them to include their company information tag line on each print. He said that the rental company business is a very low tech company. He has delivery guys that just deliver and doesn’t have any technical knowledge or expertise to handle technical issues that could come up with a photobooth.

What if there is an alternative?

From that conversation that day we set out to take advantage of the synergy that we have with the rental companies to provide a service that could benefit the event rental company. The synergy namely is that we are a technology-focused company and the event rental companies are good at delivery and setup. We can provide technology that allows the event rental companies to market their services to the attendants and provide a new photo booth service offering. We can take care of the technology and ensure that the photo booths offered are the latest and greatest hardware and software. We even provide customer assistance and training material under the event rental company.  

According to GlobeNewswire, the photo booth market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.1% ( which translates to USD 181 million) between 2020 and 2025. The growth of market size is an indication of growth in corporate profit.  

Tribute Kiosk has been providing photo booths under the partnership model to engaging photographers who want to expand their operations, but also support their marketing efforts to ensure people know who to contact when their time comes for a wedding, or for a totally different event. We make sure that your services don’t end at only one venue but act as a starting point for many more in the near future. Here’s what we can do to support your brand awareness for future clients:


Get your Rental Business name out

If you haven’t noticed on the photo print (look at the bottom left corner of the print), we allow you to provide your own contact information located at the bottom of every print. The photo booth prints are fond memories of an event that is usually posted on fridges. Research has shown that photo booth prints are the most viewed photos. Having contact information available at the bottom of a photo booth print increases your chances of offering an introduction to someone who’s in need of your services, so throw in your business name and phone number and be ready to collect calls in no time. 


Leave the photo booth technical stuff to us

Rental companies generally operate as a low-tech service. They provide tents, chairs, and even table settings. The part that has been holding the rental companies from providing a photo booth as an offering to their customers has been the concern around managing technology and the necessary customer support needed. Tribute Kiosk is focused on technology and managing the “technical stuff” of the photo booth service. Tribute Kiosk acts like the team within your company that manages the photo booth and provides the necessary support to customers. The great thing about this team is that you don’t pay them on-going fees usually associated with support.


Free, easy marketing

The word ‘free’ is a great way to catch someone’s attention. So, now that we have yours, it’s time to catch everyone else’s with our marketing support. Tribute Kiosk provides its photo booths to event rental companies at no capital cost. When the kiosk is used in a paid event then we charge an hourly rate for usage.

By using our services, you have a whole new playing field to work with and a partner committed to your success. With a photo booth, you get to truly expand your services far beyond what it was before. With no supervision and being fully automated for attendees to use, it works alone so you don’t have to check up on it throughout the night. 

So, what event rental companies get from this? The following:

  • You can easily get your contact information sent to every user interacting with our photo booths;
  • The emails sent from the photo booth will include your contact details
  • You can offer photo booth services and attract customers that are searching for a photo booth

All of this marketing costs $0, ensuring that your brand awareness matters more to us than your expense.

There is more that you can do with marketing your business, but these are just a few of the features that Tribute Kiosk provides in ensuring that our partner rental companies get what they deserve in order to expand their operations. Being a top provider of interactive photo booths for event rental companies, we guarantee you’ll be curious as to how many more people will know who provided the tent. We would be happy to review our services and offerings with you so get in touch with us.

About Tribute Kiosk

Tribute Kiosk has been designing and manufacturing touchscreen kiosks for the over 10 years. We provide progressive solutions to our customers that enhance their business by marrying technology with an innovative thinking and approach. Our unique business model allows event rentals to provide photo booth services as their own without spending any capital or worrying about technology. 

Our 4th generation whitelablel photo booth offers enhanced reliability and engagement for customers. Our new kiosk offers an animated attendant that interacts with the guests and takes their pictures.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]