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Our photo booth directory is a search engine for clients looking for services similar to yours! Join our directory for FREE to get discovered in your region by potential clients. 

Getting discovered by clients in your region is simple with FavBooth's FREE business directory!

Customize Your Profile

Create your directory page to start getting listed on the search engine by clients looking for your services in their region

Add Your Contact Information

Give clients a way of learning about your business and reaching out to you by providing your contact details onto the listing

Start Getting Clients!

Once everything is set, you will start getting discovered by clients looking to book your business. It's that simple!

Why FavBooth’s Photo Booth Directory?

With over two decades of experience in the photo booth business, FavBooth knows how to do it best! There is absolutely NO COST associated with getting your photo booth business listed on to FavBooth’s directory. Not only this, but you will also get access to a FULLY accessible photo booth dashboard from which you can manage all your old/new clients and events in one place! FavBooth will be more than just a business directory for your photo booth business. 

How Does This Work?

Simply follow the first few steps to set up and create your account, & FavBooth’s Directory will take care of the rest! Our team is committed to getting our website ranked high on search engines such as Google so that clients can find you when they search for your services.

What should I consider before setting up an account?

  • Make sure that your photo booth business is set up and ready to go 

Having an already established business before listing it is key so that clients are more likely to sign up with you. If you are still in the setup process, FavBooth will be more than happy to assist you in providing the best service possible to your clients at an extremely LOW cost, because that’s what we do best! Learn more

  • Purchase professional quality equipment and prioritize client experience

Part of standing out amongst other listers in your region is providing exceptional service. This means providing your clients with the best equipment or experience possible. Evaluate your photo booth business and ask yourself: Is there anything else I can do to boost my clients’ experience further? Check out FavBooth products for some ideas!

  • Have patience 

Everything good takes time. You may not start receiving client requests right away, and that is completely okay! Once set up, set realistic expectations and have patience.